Little video lessons in LEADERSHIP...from a conductor’s perspective.

Have you ever wondered how a conductor actually leads?

How you use a little stick to not just lead a musical team, but to inspire EVERY member to give EVERYTHING they’ve got, EVERY TIME for the good of EVERY ONE on the team?

Is YOUR company working together like that?

Are YOU the kind of leader who loves to learn about leadership by looking at it from LOTS of perspectives?

If so, then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE

'Maestro Moments' Video Library

Many thanks to Suzanne Tulien, Director, The Brand Ascension Group; Mike Segovia, Producer, PFC Audio; and Kris Harty, Content Coach,  for their expertise and guidance in producing these Maestro Moments.    

Maestro Moment #1 - KNOW THE SCORE - A musical score is the book of music from which the conductor conducts.   It includes the action plan for every instrument and musician in the orchestra. Every conductor and leader must "know the score" in two ways:  First, they must "know the action plan intimately," and second, they must "know the minds and the hearts of the musicians making the sounds-because it is the TEAM that makes the sound."

Maestro Moment #2 - Who do YOU trust, and WHO trusts YOU?   Broken companies, broken careers, broken relationships…all occur because of a lack of trust.  As a leader, do you trust the people in your organization?  And more importantly, do they trust you?   Conductors entrust their careers to the orchestras they conduct... and the reverse is true, too.  Who do you trust in your organization?  More importantly, who trusts YOU?   

Maestro Moment #3 - Become a CONDUCTOR!   Business leaders lead, manage, and control the behavior of their team through policies, directives, and standards. Conductors control the behavior of their team—how loud, fast, and to what standard they perform-- through physical gestures and the use of a baton.  But in reality, the conductor leads, manages, and controls their team only with their permission and cooperation.    Would you like to lead like that?  Become a conductor!   


"As a professional conductor, educator, and former military band officer, Carl “Chevy” Chevallard brought a unique perspective to our meetings.  With his “Be the Maestro:  Managing Millennials” keynote, he definitely struck a chord with many of our attendees, and began our “Directions 2008 Conference” on a very positive note!  A room full of managers was encouraged to stop managing and start conducting!  He offered very dramatic examples of how a conductor’s collaborative approach to management will help them in the future.  I recommend his speech and collaborative techniques to anyone ready to “tune up” their team.

--Thomas Denton, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, FPS Gold

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Leading From Last Chair" sounds like an oxymoron, however Dr. Carl “Chevy” Chevallard brought relevance and hope to the concept. . Chevy volunteered his time to encourage seniors participating in the Senior Community Service Employment Program.  The seniors left the presentation knowing they have an opportunity to be an integral part of a team and everyone has an important part to play.  Thank you Chevy!!
--Audrey Krebs, Colorado Department of Human Services
Administrator, Senior Community Service Employment Program

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dr. Carl “Chevy” Chevallard’s presentation on leadership and teamwork was outstanding!  He cleverly illustrated key leadership principles in a way that made it a fun experience for all the ladies in attendance. Thanks, Chevy, for an outstanding presentation!

--Barbara Harris, CEO, Harris Group


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