Developing Leadership & Team skills from a Conductor's Perspective.

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It has been my pleasure to get to know and work with “Chevy” over the past 18 months.   I find him to be most inspiring and a consummate professional.  Chevy’s approach to leadership education/training is refreshing and truly reaches the inner strengths of anyone in a leadership or management role.

“Through Chevy Chevallard’s ConductYourLife training program, business and organizational teams will quickly discover that the connection between great musical performance and great business performance is more than metaphorical.”  

This statement from his website is not just an idle claim, but an absolute fact! He has an incredible ability to make this metaphor become a reality.

Having seen, worked with, and known hundreds of professional speakers and trainers, I would highly recommend Chevy as I truly feel he is one of the great ones…and will make a positive impact on any organization with whom he becomes a resource.

--Jerry Frtiz, CEO, Generating Wow!, Certified National Trainer at Time to Teach, Certified Professional Career Manager at Career Navigations

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The word “maestro” means “master teacher.” Dr. Chevy is a true Maestro on the podium, in the classroom, working with seasoned professionals, helping businesses solve problems and as a leadership trainer. His delightful personality combine with a keen understanding of complex management/leadership principles to enable him to guide, inspire and encourage is ways that really connect to his audiences. Chevy pulls no punches – he’s been a successful commander/leader/manager/maestro. And because of his unique view of the world, he gives excellent, real-world help. Chevy’s is the maestro that can help you solve the toughest, most demanding leadership problems.

--Dr. James M. Bankhead, Director, Sam Houston State University

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In my 12 years of being a professional speaker, few speakers come along I would call a "natural".  Chevy Chevallard is one of those speakers.  Chevy not only has a powerful message but delivers it with a sense of adventure.  His passion is contagious.  Chevy has the ability to involve his audience, calling on all their senses, offering the experience of being a team player.  

Chevy has been a great addition to the Advanced Speakers Program 2008.  He has taught us all how to notice when Lead from the Last Chair in our everyday lives.   If you have an opportunity to hear Chevy speak, it is well worth your time.

--Janice Hoffman, Author, Relationship Rules, Founder, Advanced Speakers Program

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Col Chevallard was the commander of the USAF Academy Band from 1998 to 2004 and I had the distinct privilege to work under his leadership.  Col C empowered the musicians to offer their very best both musically and managerially through a balance of encouragement, and high standards and humility.  Col C always brought the best out of his people and allowed them ownership with accountability.  The product was high as was the morale of the organization due to his affirming and unique leadership style.

Mark Israel, Master Sergeant, USAF
The United States Air Force Band

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